Destiny & Purpose Ministries
Destiny & purpose ministries

Saving  our youth in our community 

Operation SOYIC is focused on Each One, Reach One, Equip One, and Go Back To Get Another One.

Operation soyic

New Skill Set for learning While training for a new career while on The Job Training for Administrative, Customer Service and Onboarding specialist positions 

Each one Reach one Equip one and Go Back to Get Another one 


Course Synopsis:  This course is to help individuals learn a new skill or trade that will allow him/her to train for new job that will possibly get higher wages and allow them to become self-sufficient. 


Course Description:  To educate and enhance individuals on how to research and prepare for Job search, interviewing and learning the basic computer skills. Learning how to speak using grammatical language while building them up for success. 


Course Objective:  Give confidence in proper skill sets where individuals feel empowered of learning the curriculum in basic computer, technology while focusing on a new career while training in person or virtually. 

Course Presentation:   


  • Learning Basic Computer skills 

  • Creating a word document, creating folders, filing 

  • Saving a Word Document 

  • Phone Etiquette, Posture and eye contact when interviewing 

  • Resume Writing, filling out resume on line and in Person 

  • Dress for Success whether in person or Virtually